Co to jest DDR2
DDR2 co to jest
Co znaczy Double Data Rate x2 (SDRAM)? Definicja DDR2 akronim od data rate DDR.Like DDR, DDR2 is a.

Akronim DDR2 co to znaczy

Definicja Double Data Rate x2 (SDRAM): DDR2 Double Data Rate x2, or double data rate DDR.Like DDR, DDR2 is a type of SDRAM that allows data to be read on both the rising and falling of each clock cycle. DDR2 allows the bus to run twice as fast as DDR, and so can achieve double the throughput. Relevant links: - DDR2 vs DR. Article provides information and comparisons on the performance of both DDR and DDR2, and the theory behind them.

Czym jest Double Data Rate x2 (SDRAM znaczenie w Słownik informatyka D .