Co to jest CAT5E
CAT5E co to jest
Co znaczy 1000mbps Ethernet network cabling? Definicja CAT5E akronim od cabling. (CAT 5 Enhanced.

Akronim CAT5E co to znaczy

Definicja 1000mbps Ethernet network cabling: CAT5E Category 5 Ethernet network cabling. (CAT 5 Enhanced.) The CAT5E standard allows for transmission speeds of up to 1000mbps (giga-bit Ethernet). There is little real difference in the cabling standards between CAT5 and CAT5E, the standards for CAT5E being only a little more stringent over CAT5. CAT6 gives a more stringent standard for 1000mbps Ethernet network cabling. Relevant links: - Comparison of Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7. - Information on installing cat 5 / 5e cabling.

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