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Co znaczy Address Windows Extensions / Atomic Weapons Establishment? Definicja AWE akronim od.

Akronim AWE co to znaczy

Definicja Address Windows Extensions / Atomic Weapons Establishment: AWE 1. (Microsoft Windows) Address Windows Extensions. A Windows API that provides support for very large amounts of physical memory.Standard 32 bit addresses allow up to 4GB of memory to be addressed. The AWE API extends the normal memory management routines to provide a means of dynamically mapping memory beyond the 4GB limit into the 32 bit address space. cf PAE. Relevant links: - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 books online article on using AWE. 2. Atomic Weapons Establishment. The Atomic Weapons Establishment (in Berkshire, England) provides the research and production facilities to support the UK's atomic weapons programme.Relevant links: - Atomic Weapons Establishment home page.

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