Co to jest FP
co to jest
Co znaczy FrontPage / Function Point / Floating Point / FreeProxy? Definicja FP akronim od.

Akronim FP co to znaczy

Definicja FrontPage / Function Point / Floating Point / FreeProxy: FP 1. Common abbreviation for Microsoft FrontPage, a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Microsoft are no longer developing FrontPage and it has been superseded by Microsoft Expression Web (EW). 2. Function Point. A metric for measuring the size and complexity of a software system.Relevant links: - Functions Points - Numerology for Software Developers. - Function Point FAQ. 3. Floating Point. Refers to an operation on floating point numbers or storage of floating point numbers as opposed to integer numbers. 4. FreeProxy. FreeProxy is a free proxy server for Windows based computers.Relevant links: - Homepage for "Hand Crafted Software", the producer of FreeProxy.

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