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Co znaczy General Services / Gilberts Syndrome? Definicja GS akronim od Syndrome. A common medical.

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Definicja General Services / Gilberts Syndrome: GS 1. General Services. 2. Gilberts Syndrome. A common medical condition (often inherited) where the liver is less effective in processing pigments in the bile called bilirubin. This leads to raised bilirubin levels in the blood, with common symbols being mild jaundice, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite. Gilberts Syndrome affects about 5% of the population. Gilberts Syndrome is named after a French gastroentererologist Augustin Nicolas Gilbert, who first described in syndrome in 1901. It is also occasionally referred to as "Unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia". Relevant links: - Action on Gilberts Syndrome, a UK organisation for people with Gilberts Syndrome. - Information and advice regarding Gilberts Syndrome.

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