Co to jest PASV
PASV co to jest
Co znaczy Passive FTP mode? Definicja PASV akronim od to get around a problem where a firewall will.

Akronim PASV co to znaczy

Definicja Passive FTP mode: PASV Passive FTP mode. PASV is a means to get around a problem where a firewall will block FTP communications. A firewall protecting a client will allow outgoing connections but block incoming ones. The issue with FTP is that whilst the client initiates the initial connection the server then allocates the port to use for data requests - and this is then blocked by the firewall. which is then blocked. PASV allows the client to initiate both the command and data requests and because this is initiated by the client the client's firewall does not block it. Relevant links: - Extensive article covering active and passive ftp.

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