Co to jest PC
co to jest
Co znaczy Personal Computer / Politically correct / Piece? Definicja PC akronim od designed for use.

Akronim PC co to znaczy

Definicja Personal Computer / Politically correct / Piece: PC 1. Personal Computer. A computer designed for use by one person at a time.Once generally accepted to refer to an IBM PC compatible (i.e. x86 based system typically running some version of Microsoft Windows or DOS). Typically these days it refers to any personal computer, whether Windows, Linux or Mac. 2. Politically Correct. The idea of avoiding offending anyone - sometimes seemingly at the expense of common sense. For example, using gender neutral terms instead of gender biased ones, such as using the term "chair-person" (or simply "the chair") instead of "chair-man" (or "chair-woman"). 3. Abbreviation for pieces. For example 2 pc means 2 piece (or 2 pieces).

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