Co to jest PII
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Co znaczy Personal Identifiable Information? Definicja PII akronim od Personal Identifiable.

Akronim PII co to znaczy

Definicja Personal Identifiable Information: PII Personal Identifiable Information. Personal Identifiable Information is any information which can be used to track back to an individual. PII is therefore any information which can be used to identify an individual, whether directly or indirectly - they key test of PII is does the data reveal a clearly identifiable person?Typical examples of Personal Identifiable Information include: National Insurance or Social Security numbers bank account numbers Full name email address Vehicle registration number Fingerprint Credit card numbers because each of these can be used to directly identify an individual. In many contexts a phone number or IP address may also be considered to be Personal Identifiable Information. Whilst these do not directly identify an individual they can be used to identify a building or a household, and depending on the situation that may be sufficient to identify the individual.

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