Co to jest PB
co to jest
Co znaczy Petabyte / Playback / Lead / Personal Best / Paper Back? Definicja PB akronim od bytes. 2.

Akronim PB co to znaczy

Definicja Petabyte / Playback / Lead / Personal Best / Paper Back: PB 1. Abbreviation for Petabyte. 250) bytes. 2. Abbreviation for Play Back. 3. In chemistry Pb stands for Lead. Lead is a soft metal, historically commonly used for pipes, roofing and in paint. Less commonly used today because of its damaging effects on people's health. Relevant links: - Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effects of Lead. 4. In sport PB stands for Personal Best. 5. Paper Back. Abbreviation sometimes used in auctions or advertisements to indicate that a book is paper back (and not hard back).

Czym jest Petabyte / Playback / Lead znaczenie w Słownik informatyka P .