Co to jest RFID
RFID co to jest
Co znaczy Radio Frequency Identification (tag)? Definicja RFID akronim od Radio Frequency.

Akronim RFID co to znaczy

Definicja Radio Frequency Identification (tag): RFID Radio Frequency Identification or Radio Frequency Identification tag(s). Uses wireless technology to transmit product serial numbers from tags to a scanner, without human intervention. Regarded as a likely successor to barcode inventory tracking systems. See also AIDC. Relevant links: - RightTag is a company dedicated to providing products and services that enable companies to use RFID in a variety of ways, including automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions. - A discussion of RFID technology and uses. A resource for links to university level degree programs in the field.

Czym jest Radio Frequency znaczenie w Słownik informatyka R .