Co to jest RDC
co to jest
Co znaczy Remote Desktop Connection / Remote Data Capture? Definicja RDC akronim od is a Windows.

Akronim RDC co to znaczy

Definicja Remote Desktop Connection / Remote Data Capture: RDC 1. Remote Desktop Connection. RDC is a Windows technology that allows any client running the necessary client software to connect to a Routing and Remote Access server (or terminal server) and then run applications and use the remote server in the same way as if using the local PC - the "desktop" on the remote server is viewed in a window (full screen by default). This technology allows someone to remotely login to either a pc running Windows XP or Windows server. cf RDP. Relevant links: - How to and common problems with RDC. - RDC client software download (for any PC running Windows). - Review of RDC, part of a comparison of remote desktop control software solutions. 2. Remote Data Capture.

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