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Co znaczy Remote Web Workplace / Read While Write? Definicja RWW akronim od of connecting to and.

Akronim RWW co to znaczy

Definicja Remote Web Workplace / Read While Write: RWW 1. Remote Web Workplace. A method of connecting to and using a Windows computer remotely from a browser. RWW requires a Windows 2003 SBS server, and the computer to be connected to and controlled must run Windows XP Professional or later. Relevant links: - TechNet support webcast: An overview of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Remote Web Workplace feature. - Remote desktop control software - a list of possible alternatives to RWW where RWW is not an option. 2. Read While Write. The capability of a device to allow reading from the device at the same time as data is being written to it, as a single logical operation. A tape device that supports read while write will have a separate read head allowing data to be written to tape and then verified without rewinding the tape.

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