Co znaczy Set of words said in place of letters? Definicja NATO Phonetic Alphabet akronim od.

Akronim NATO Phonetic Alphabet co to znaczy

Definicja Set of words said in place of letters: NATO Phonetic Alphabet The NATO Phonetic Alphabet was developed in the 1950s by ICAO, and was adopted by NATO because it was regarded as being intelligible and pronounceable by all NATO allies in the heat of battle. It uses words which are pronounced in place of letters to distinguish what might otherwise be similar sounds from each other. It is widely used in other non-military services, such as by pilots, where an unambiguous spelling of letters needs to be conveyed verbally. The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is given below: Letter Word Guide to Pronunciation Phonetic Convention Latin Alphabet A Alpha 'ćlfa AL FAH B Bravo 'bra:'vo BRAH VOH C Charlie 'tňa:lior 'ňa:li CHAR LEE or SHAR LEE D Delta 'delta DELL TAH E Echo 'eko ECK OH F Foxtrot 'fBkstrBt FOKS TROT G Golf gulf GOLF H Hotel ho:'tel HO TELL I India 'indi a IN DEE AH J Juliet 'd_u:li-et JEW LEE ETT K Kilo 'ki:lo KEY LOH L Lima 'li:ma LEE MAH M Mike maik MIKE N November no'vembe NO VEM BER O Oscar 'Bska OSS CAH P Papa pe'pa PAH PAH Q Quebec ke'bek KEH BECK R Romeo 'ro:mi o ROW ME OH S Sierra si'era SEE AIR RAH T Tango 't ćngo TANG GO U Uniform 'ju:nifB:m or 'u:nifBrm YOU NEE FORM or OO NEE FORM V Victor 'vikt a VIK TAH W Whiskey 'wiski WISS KEY X Xray eks'rei ECKS RAY Y Yankee 'j ćnki YANG KEY Z Zulu 'zu:lu: ZOO LOO . Decimal or Stop     0 Zero   ZE RO 1 One   WUN 2 Two   TOO 3 Three   TREE 4 Four   FOW ER 5 Five   FIFE 6 Six   SIX 7 Seven   SEV EN 8 Eight   AIT 9 Nine   NIN ER

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