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Co znaczy Your mileage may vary? Definicja YMMV akronim od May Vary. Expression indicates that.

Akronim YMMV co to znaczy

Definicja Your mileage may vary: YMMV Chat abbreviation: Your Mileage May Vary. Expression indicates that results can vary (according to many factors which depending on the context may not necessarily be obvious) and that results may not be the same for everyone. The abbreviation has its origins in fuel consumption figures for cars. The distance two car drivers will be able to travel on a full tank of petrol/diesel, will vary even if they are driving the same type of car. In the case of car journeys this is because of factors which include driving style, traffic conditions, weather, weight of passengers, the route taken, etc. This analogy applies equally to other areas, where outcomes cannot be simply predicted hence the expression "Your Mileage May Vary" and the abbreviation YMMV.

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