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  • Co znaczy BGP Definicja BGP Border Gateway Protocol
  • Co znaczy BI Definicja BI Business Intelligence
  • Co znaczy BIND Definicja BIND Berkley Internet Name Domain
  • Co znaczy BOOTP Definicja allowing a (possibly) diskless network computer to be booted, downloading configuration (such as its IP address) and the operating system
  • Co znaczy BDN Definicja BDN Borland Developer Network. Relevant links: - Borland Developer Network Home Page
  • Co znaczy BAC Definicja BAC Budget At Completion. The total of all budgets allocated to a project, includes for example the budgets allocated to any sub-projects
  • Co znaczy BAFO Definicja BAFO Best And Final Offer. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis
  • Co znaczy BCE Definicja that a year is before the believed year of birth of Christ. BCE otherwise has the same significance as BC. BCE is an attempt to remove
  • Co znaczy BCWP Definicja BCWP Budget Cost for Work Performed
  • Co znaczy BOF Definicja BOF Beginning Of File. cf EOF
  • Co znaczy BS Definicja BS British Standard
  • Co znaczy BHO Definicja DLL that can attach itself to every new instance of Internet Explorer, allowing Internet Explorer events to be intercepted and providing
  • Co znaczy Biff Definicja BIFF 1. Binary Interchange File Format. 2. To hit or strike a blow
  • Co znaczy B2C Definicja in the context of a business providing products or services aimed at a consumer, i.e. at and end-user and not at another business. cf B2B
  • Co znaczy B4N Definicja B4N Chat abbreviation: Bye For Now
  • Co znaczy BASIC Definicja Instruction Code. A high level programming language which has been widely used, particularly since the advent of personal computers
  • Co znaczy BBS Definicja for storing information and messages that can be accessed by other computers. Typically accessed by dial-up, Bulletin Boards pre-date the
  • Co znaczy BC Definicja BC Before Christ. It denotes that a year is before  the believed year of birth of AD (Anno Domini
  • Co znaczy BCB Definicja abbreviation used to refer to Borland's C++ Builder, an integrated development for C++.Relevant links: http://www.borland
  • Co znaczy BCC Definicja memo that is BCC'd to someone is copied to that person, but without the knowledge of the other recipients of the e-mail or memo. cf CC
  • Co znaczy BCD Definicja of representing a decimal digit using four binary bits (a nibble): 0000 = 0  0001 = 1  0010 = 2  0011 = 3  0100 = 4 0101 = 5  0110 = 6 
  • Co znaczy BCP Definicja Bridging Control Protocol. 3. Bulk Copy Process (or Bulk Copy Program). A utility provided with SQL Server databases for bulk copying of
  • Co znaczy BDC Definicja Windows NT domain, one domain controller is the primary (the PDC) and any other domain controllers are backup ones. Each BDC synchronises
  • Co znaczy BCWS Definicja BCWS Budget Cost for Work Scheduled
  • Co znaczy Beep Definicja Protocol. A set of building blocks for creating customised protocols. Relevant links: 2. The "beep" sound
  • Co znaczy BER Definicja transmitting digital data, BER is the percentage or proportion of bits that are in error (i.e. incorrectly received or missing). 2. Beyond
  • Co znaczy BIN Definicja meaning the binary number system (base 2) or binary data. 2. A folder (directory) that contains binary executable programs. For example
  • Co znaczy BIOS Definicja BIOS provides an interface between a computer's operating system and the computer's hardware. Unlike the operating system the BIOS is built
  • Co znaczy BIS Definicja BIS Business Information Systems
  • Co znaczy Bit Definicja Bit Binary digIT. The fundamental unit of binary notation and storage. 0 (off) or 1 (on). There are 8 bits to a byte
  • Co znaczy BITS Definicja BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy BL Definicja details. 2. Boundary Layer.In a GIS context a boundary layer is a feature layer on a map which contains boundaries (for example district or
  • Co znaczy Blit Definicja copying or transfer of a block of data (bits) representing an image from one memory location to another. Typically the destination is a
  • Co znaczy BTP Definicja protocol that confirms to XML. It is based on a multi-layer transaction model that allows users to be independent of resource managers
  • Co znaczy BMI Definicja indication of obesity.The Body Mass Index for a person is calculated by dividing the individual's weight in kg by their height in
  • Co znaczy BMP Definicja files normally have the file extension .bmp. 2. Basic Multilingual Plane. Relevant links: - roadmap to the
  • Co znaczy BN Definicja BN Brand New. Abbreviation occasionally used on on-line auction sites to indicate that the item for sale is new
  • Co znaczy BNF Definicja Backus Normal Form. A formal style for specifying the syntax of programming languages and commands. Relevant links: http://burks.brighton
  • Co znaczy BNG Definicja grid system used in Britain, based on the OSGB36 datum. Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy BNIB Definicja commonly used on auction sites to denote that the item for sale is brand new and still in the original box.Whilst BNIB indicates that the
  • Co znaczy BNWT Definicja used to describe clothing that is being sold via a route often used for second hand goods (such as auctions), to describe clothing that is
  • Co znaczy BOL Definicja to refer to documentation provided with Microsoft's SQL Server product, which is known as Books On Line. 2. Books On Line. Abbreviation
  • Co znaczy BOM Definicja Mark. A prefix to a unicode file that indicates the byte ordering of the file. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis. Relevant links: http://msdn
  • Co znaczy BPL Definicja A dynamic link library used by Delphi applications.Most Borland Delphi applications are compiled as standalone applications
  • Co znaczy bpp Definicja encoding a colour image the number of bits per pixel indicates the number of possible colours (or grayscales). Typically bpp is one of: BPP
  • Co znaczy bps Definicja rate. Used when specifying connection speeds across networks. When calculating the maximum throughput across a network remember that
  • Co znaczy BSSID Definicja The BSSID is the identifying name of an ad-hoc wireless network. BSSID is one type of SSID (the other being ESSID
  • Co znaczy BSOD Definicja BSOD Blue Screen of Death. See Blue Screen for details
  • Co znaczy BST Definicja period between the last Sunday in March through to the last Sunday in October when the clocks are moved forward by one hour (at 1am in the
  • Co znaczy BTDT Definicja Done That. When used in a conversation this indicates that the person has been in a similar situation and done something discussed or
  • Co znaczy BTU Definicja defined as the energy required to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. BTUs are typically used to rate
  • Co znaczy BTW Definicja BTW Abbreviation: By The Way
  • Co znaczy JavaScript Definicja usually run in a viewer's browser. JavaScript is used to create dynamic web pages (i.e. pages that change in some way when viewed in a

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