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  • Co znaczy FBA Definicja FBA Forms Based Authentication
  • Co znaczy FBDIMM Definicja FBDIMM Fully Buffered Dual In-line Memory Module
  • Co znaczy FOAF Definicja referring to a story or account which is told as having happened to a friend of a friend. Such accounts cannot generally be confirmed, and
  • Co znaczy FOC Definicja FOC 1. Free Of Charge. 2. Functional Operating Capability. 3. Full Operating Capability. 4. Firm Order Confirmation
  • Co znaczy FP2002 Definicja FP2002 Common abbreviation for Microsoft FrontPage 2002. cf FrontPage (FP
  • Co znaczy FFAL Definicja FFAL Free For All Links. Also known as FFA
  • Co znaczy FOSS Definicja FOSS Free and Open Source Software. Taken as any software which is open source and for which there is no cost or license fee attached
  • Co znaczy FPP Definicja FPP Full Product Package
  • Co znaczy FTR Definicja FTR Chat abbreviation: For The Record
  • Co znaczy FWIW Definicja FWIW Abbreviation: For What Its Worth
  • Co znaczy FUP Definicja FUP 1. Fair Use Policy. 2. Follow UP
  • Co znaczy Delegate Definicja Delegate Pointer to a function in .NET
  • Co znaczy FIPS Definicja Standard. A set of standards and guidelines developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for US government
  • Co znaczy FPOT Definicja required by a printer to print the first page. Most laser printers take time to warm up and the FPOT time is therefore the time to warm up
  • Co znaczy FAT Definicja commonly referred to as FAT16 following the advent of FAT32. Uses 16-bit addressing. DOS and Windows 3.x machines commonly use FAT16
  • Co znaczy FCB Definicja in the first version of MS-DOS. Because FCBs predate a hierarchical directory structure they can only be used with files in the current
  • Co znaczy FAQ Definicja Normally used to refer to a published list of frequently (or commonly) asked questions with answers.In practice FAQs are sometimes lists of
  • Co znaczy FD Definicja ActionScript editor (written in C#).Relevant links: www.flashdevelop.org - Homepage for the FlashDevelop community
  • Co znaczy FDC Definicja FDC Floppy Disk Controller. The subsystem of a computer that controls and provides an interface to the floppy disk drive
  • Co znaczy FDD Definicja FDD 1. Floppy Disk Drive. 2. Feature Driven Process
  • Co znaczy FDDI Definicja FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface. One type of LAN technology
  • Co znaczy FDS Definicja Also known as a Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) or simply Functional Specification (FS). See FS for details
  • Co znaczy FF Definicja decimal, or 0D hex). On text printers this would result in the current sheet being ejected. On text displays it would cause the display
  • Co znaczy FFA Definicja abbreviation typically used when referring to "link farms" there are where you can get your site listed (typically along with
  • Co znaczy FGA Definicja In an Oracle database FGA provides a means of specifying detailed conditions that trigger an audit event. 2. Frequently Given Answer
  • Co znaczy FIFO Definicja buffer in which the first (or earliest) items added to the queue are the first items removed from the queue (and processed). A common
  • Co znaczy FME Definicja integrated collection of spatial tools for data transformation and translation (spatial ETL tools). Relevant links: www.safe
  • Co znaczy FOAD Definicja Die. Meaning go away, not wanted. A term of abuse, not a friendly term. Often used in response to abusive or troll like behaviour or spam
  • Co znaczy FOIA Definicja in some countries which gives the public right of access to government documents. Some restrictions may apply, such as whether sensitive
  • Co znaczy FUBAR Definicja All Recognition. Term used to indicate that something is all messed up and not working. 2. Fouled (or F**ked) Up Beyond All Repair
  • Co znaczy FP Definicja FrontPage, a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Microsoft are no longer developing FrontPage and it has been superseded by Microsoft Expression Web (EW
  • Co znaczy FPGA Definicja semiconductor device for processing digital information, in which the behaviour of the device is not set but can be programmed by an
  • Co znaczy FPS Definicja for video animations or recordings to indicate the number of complete frames (pictures or still-clips) per second. FPS may also be used in
  • Co znaczy FPSE Definicja of programs which run on a web server to extend the capabilities of the web server, to support features that originated from Microsoft
  • Co znaczy FPU Definicja separate chip from the CPU designed specifically for performing floating point calculations (also known as a numeric co-processor). In
  • Co znaczy FQDN Definicja full name assigned to an individual computer on a network. Consists of the hostname (i.e. the computer name) prefixed to the domain name
  • Co znaczy FQON Definicja FQON Fully Qualified Object Name. The four parts of an object's name - its server, its instance, its owner and its name
  • Co znaczy FRS Definicja Specification. Another name for a Functional Specification. Also abbreviated to Functional Specification (FS). 2. File Replication Service
  • Co znaczy FS Definicja Functional Specification defines what a system needs to do. It may also define how the system needs to perform its task, but depending on
  • Co znaczy FSB Definicja FSB Front Side Bus
  • Co znaczy FSF Definicja FSF Free Software Foundation. See also GNU
  • Co znaczy FSMO Definicja FSMO Flexible Single-Master Operation
  • Co znaczy FSO Definicja FSO Financial Services Organisation
  • Co znaczy FTP Definicja protocol used for transferring files across networks. cf SFTP, PASV. FTP can be used to transfer files from an FTP client (i.e. the
  • Co znaczy FTPS Definicja security. Similar to standard FTP but performs operations over an encrypted link (SSL) and is thus said to be secure. cf SFTP
  • Co znaczy FTW Definicja FTW For The Win. Internet slang used to describe something that is really good - a likely winner
  • Co znaczy FUD Definicja FUD can be used to describe any process that seeks to advantage through the use of fear, uncertainty and doubt. The classic example of FUD
  • Co znaczy FW Definicja Forward (or Forwarded). Often used as a prefix to an e-mail subject ("FW:") to indicate that the email has been forwarded
  • Co znaczy FX Definicja the foreign exchange market, where currencies are bought and sold. 2. Short for "Effects", .sometimes used as an abbreviation for
  • Co znaczy FYI Definicja An abbreviation often used on emails or forwarded material to indicate that what is being forwarded is for information and does not
  • Co znaczy GNU Definicja quot;GNU's not Unix". An ongoing project by the Free Software Foundation to create a free, freely distributable, set of UNIX like
  • Co znaczy Mirroring Definicja strategy in which two identical copies of disk partitions are maintained on different disks (or sets of disks). The theory is that if one

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