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Co oznacza skrót na G

  • Co znaczy GFDL Definicja Relevant links: - The GNU Free Documentation License with links to other formats
  • Co znaczy GIG Definicja GIG 1. Abbreviation for Gigabyte. GIG implies a single gigabyte, cf GIGS. 2. Abbreviation for Gigahertz
  • Co znaczy GPF Definicja an error trapped by the OS when an application tries to access memory that it has not been allocated. See also: Blue Screen
  • Co znaczy GPMC Definicja GPMC Group Policy Management Console
  • Co znaczy Europa Definicja for Europe. 2. The official name given to the EU website.Relevant links: - Europa, Gateway to the European
  • Co znaczy Evolution Definicja taken as any gradual change over time. 2. The belief that living things naturally change over time into more developed (i.e. "more
  • Co znaczy G11N Definicja Globalization". The letter G comes from the first letter of Globalization, the N from the last letter and the 11 from their being
  • Co znaczy GAC Definicja GAC Global Assembly Cache
  • Co znaczy GAL Definicja Abbreviation for gallon, an imperial unit for measuring the volume of liquid. 1 US gallon = 4 quarts = 3.785 liters, 1 British gallon = 4
  • Co znaczy GB Definicja details see gigabyte. 2. Great Britain. Great Britain is made up of England, Wales and Scotland. 3. God Bless
  • Co znaczy GBP Definicja GBP Great British Pound or GB Pound. Unit of currency for the United Kingdom, otherwise commonly referred to as pounds Stirling
  • Co znaczy GC Definicja Collection. A Garbage Collector is a process that seeks out unused resources and frees them for later reuse. For example in Java and .Net a
  • Co znaczy GDA Definicja in concept to RDA, providing an alternative presentation of recommended nutritional information. cf RDA
  • Co znaczy GDI Definicja Windows the GDI provides a common set of drawing routines (including both text and graphics). The GDI can be used to draw to most devices
  • Co znaczy GDR Definicja Refers to a software release which is intended for general distribution as opposed to a limited distribution such as might be the case for
  • Co znaczy GE Definicja - Home page for Google Earth. 2. The top level domain country code for Georgia. 3. Genetic Engineering, or Genetically
  • Co znaczy GEDCOM Definicja A common file format used to exchange computerized genealogical data between different genealogy programs. GEDCOM files typically use the
  • Co znaczy GF Definicja context either a friend who is female, or a friend who is female with whom there is a close relationship (such as when courting). 2
  • Co znaczy GI Definicja term for any information that has a geographic element, i.e. which has a physical location or area and could for instance be plotted on a
  • Co znaczy GIF Definicja efficient method of compressing image files without loss of data or distorting the image. (GIF compression is therefore lossless.) The
  • Co znaczy GIGS
  • Co znaczy GIS Definicja Geographic Information Systems are designed to work with data that is referenced by spatial or geographic coordinates. GIS includes tools
  • Co znaczy GML Definicja is an XML based markup language for the modelling, storage and transport of geographic information. GML has proved to be a popular means of
  • Co znaczy GMT Definicja zone from which all other time zones are measured. Now commonly referred to as UTC.See also UTC, time zone, BST
  • Co znaczy GNOME Definicja Environment. GNOME is a Unix and Linux development suite and development platform. Relevant links: Contributed by Kenneth
  • Co znaczy GP Definicja Practitioner. Otherwise known as a medical doctor or physician. A general practitioner is a doctor who has not specialised. It is therefore
  • Co znaczy GPL Definicja taken to the mean the GNU GPL. A license statement from GNU, used on most of their software and on many free software packages from other
  • Co znaczy GPD Definicja GPD 1. Generic Printer Description. 2. Gallons Per Day
  • Co znaczy GPO Definicja Windows 2000 and later). A set of configuration parameters that can be applied to users or computers. GPOs are objects in the Active
  • Co znaczy GPOE Definicja GPOE Group Policy Object Editor
  • Co znaczy GPRS Definicja Intended for data transmission, typically for wireless internet. Relevant links: - Descriptive
  • Co znaczy GPS Definicja system of satellite navigation that uses signals from satellites to identify the position of the GPS receiver on (or above) the Earth's
  • Co znaczy GPU Definicja GPU Graphics Processing Unit. Video cards will (normally) incorporate an on-board GPU
  • Co znaczy GRE Definicja Relevant links: 2. Generic Route Encapsulation protocol. GRE is used in conjunction with PPTP
  • Co znaczy GRP Definicja GRP Gateway Routing Protocol
  • Co znaczy GS Definicja Syndrome. A common medical condition (often inherited) where the liver is less effective in processing pigments in the bile called
  • Co znaczy GSDI Definicja GSDI Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Co znaczy GSI Definicja GSI 1. Government Secure Internet. 2. Grid Security Infrastructure
  • Co znaczy GSM Definicja communications (GSM). An established and globally accepted standard for digital wireless communications. Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy GTT Definicja GTT Glyph Translation Table
  • Co znaczy GUI Definicja GUI Graphical User Interface. cf Command Line Interface (CLI
  • Co znaczy GUID Definicja GUID Globally Unique Identifier. An identifier generated according to an algorithm that is intended to be unique across all systems. cf UID
  • Co znaczy PageRank Definicja PageRank" algorithm, frequently abbreviated to PR. Google's PageRank algorithm is used by the search engine to score pages based on

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