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Co oznacza skrót na H

  • Co znaczy HAGD Definicja HAGD Chat abbreviation: Have A Good Day
  • Co znaczy HAGW Definicja HAGW Chat abbreviation: Have A Good Week
  • Co znaczy HASP Definicja Piracy. Normally takes the form of a hardware dongle (USB or parallel interface), which the software requires to be in place for it to run
  • Co znaczy HD Definicja HD 1. Hard Disk. cf FDD, HDD. 2. High Density. 3. High Definition. Normally used in the context of High Definition TV (HDTV
  • Co znaczy Nibble Definicja Nibble Half a byte or 4 bits
  • Co znaczy HDLC Definicja HDLC High-level Data Link Control
  • Co znaczy HMI Definicja HMI Human Machine Interface. See also MMI
  • Co znaczy HOLAP Definicja HOLAP Hybrid OLAP
  • Co znaczy Big-endian Definicja big-endian indicates that the high order byte comes first (i.e. in the lowest address). cf little-endian
  • Co znaczy Coterminous Definicja point (i.e. end point), or having end points at the same location. Two lines would be said to be coterminous if they both shared an end at
  • Co znaczy H2 Definicja this can be written as either


    , and will have a corresponding closing

    (or ) tag. Everything between the opening and
  • Co znaczy HAL Definicja of the Windows kernel responsible for much of the interfacing to hardware devices. 2. The name given to the AI computer in the story "
  • Co znaczy HDD Definicja to simply as HD. See also IDE, SCSI, SMART. 2. Hybrid Disk Drive. A (standard) Hard Disk Drive that incorporates flash memory as a buffer
  • Co znaczy HDTV Definicja television display standard providing much better picture quality than a standard (non-HD) television.There are a number of different
  • Co znaczy HEC Definicja Environment Computer. A rugged computer (or enclosure for a computer) that is suitable to allow the computer to be used in a harsh
  • Co znaczy HTTP Definicja Network protocol for the transfer of web or intranet pages (for subsequent display or other purpose). HTTP is not a secure protocol. All
  • Co znaczy Hex Definicja system, which uses the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E and F. So: Hex Decimal Octal Binary 0 0 0 0000 1 1 1 0001 2 2 2
  • Co znaczy HGP Definicja year project to identify all the genes in human DNA. Relevant links: 
  • Co znaczy HIDS Definicja System. A system for detecting unauthorised access to a single computer. A HIDS may monitor logs or activity on network ports, or use other
  • Co znaczy Hipaa Definicja Accountability Act (1996). An act of law in the USA, which sets out a minimum set of requirements that health plans are required to meet
  • Co znaczy HPC Definicja is a generic and relative term since the desktop computers of today are capable of the same performance as supercomputers from a few years
  • Co znaczy HPFS Definicja HPFS High Performance File System. Used by OS/2 but discontinued in Windows
  • Co znaczy HPLG Definicja A standard used for representing vector graphics in a text file. Originally intended as a printer control language for driving HP pen
  • Co znaczy HR Definicja HR 1. Human Resources. An HR department is what was traditionally known as a Personnel department. 2. Abbreviation for Hour
  • Co znaczy Hrs Definicja Hrs Common abbreviation for "Hours"
  • Co znaczy HSB, Definicja HSB Hue, Saturation, Brightness. HSB is an alternative name to HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value), see HSV for details
  • Co znaczy HSDPA, Definicja Also known as 3.5G, being the next generation of 3G. HSDPA is a mobile telephony protocol providing high data transmission speeds to
  • Co znaczy HSV Definicja of defining a colour based on a colour wheel. Hue measures the angle around the colour wheel (red is at 0 degrees, green at 120 degrees
  • Co znaczy HTH Definicja This Helps" or "Hope That Helps". Normally HTM is added after a suggestion has been made, indicating that the author hopes
  • Co znaczy HTML Definicja to construct web pages. By convention HTML pages composed on Windows platforms have the .htm file extension, whilst pages composed on other
  • Co znaczy HTTPS Definicja Secure (or Hypertext Transmission Protocol Security) is HTTP over SSL. In reality HTTPS is more often HTTP over TLS.HTTPS is used when web
  • Co znaczy HVAC Definicja HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Co znaczy HW Definicja HW 1. Common abbreviation for Hardware (Hard-Ware). 2. Abbreviation for Hand-Written
  • Co znaczy Hz Definicja measuring frequency. One hertz is one (complete) cycle per second, 100hz is 100 cycles per second and so on.The Hz unit can be applied to
  • Co znaczy MDI/MDI-X Definicja An MDI/MDI-X switch on a network hub typically allows a port on a network hub to connect to either a network peripheral (such as a pc) or

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