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  • Co znaczy JS Definicja JS Abbreviation for JavaScript. cf JavaScript
  • Co znaczy JSTL Definicja JSTL Java Standard Tag Library
  • Co znaczy JDBC Definicja Database access interface based on ODBC for use within Java. Relevant links: http://java.sun.com/products/jdbc - Sun Microsystems main page
  • Co znaczy JFC Definicja JFC Java Foundation Classes
  • Co znaczy J2SE Definicja based, runtime platform that provides many features for developing Web-based Java applications, including database access (JDBC API), CORBA
  • Co znaczy JCL Definicja of control statements punched onto computer cards used to direct the execution of computer programs and describe the input/output devices
  • Co znaczy JDK Definicja JDK Java Development Kit. Included as part of J2SE. Relevant links: http://java.sun.com/j2se/ - Download site for J2SE from Sun
  • Co znaczy JEDI Definicja Innovators. An international community of Delphi developers pooling resources to improve Delphi. Relevant links: www.delphi-jedi.org
  • Co znaczy JFIF Definicja JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format. Relevant links: www.w3.org/Graphics/JPEG/jfif.txt Contributed by Kenneth Nellis
  • Co znaczy JIT Definicja JIT Just In Time. Refers to any process that aims to provide a resource just as it is needed. cf JIT Compiler
  • Co znaczy JIT Compiler Definicja compiler that allows programs (possibly ones compiled into an intermediate byte code) to be automatically compiled into native machine code
  • Co znaczy JNDI Definicja JNDI Java naming and Directory Interface
  • Co znaczy JNI Definicja developers to utilize platform specific code that runs outside of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Relevant links: http://java.sun
  • Co znaczy JPEG Definicja JPEG represents a compressed image file. The JPEG compression algorithm allows a compromise between final file size and the amount of
  • Co znaczy JRE Definicja contains libraries, java virtual machine and other resources required to enable java applications and applets to run
  • Co znaczy JSF Definicja JSF JavaServer Faces. A standard specification for building Java web based user interfaces
  • Co znaczy JSON Definicja is a format for exchanging data between systems. It is a text based format (and so human readable), and uses simple data structures and
  • Co znaczy JSP Definicja pages to be generated dynamically using a combination of XML tags and Java Servlets. JSP is an extension to Java Servlets allowing the
  • Co znaczy JVM Definicja Virtual Machine runs compiled Java byte code. This enables a Java application to run on any operating system for which the JVM has been

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