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Co oznacza skrót na K

  • Co znaczy KB Definicja 1024 bytes. 2. Knowledge Base. Often used to refer to the Microsoft Knowledge base - for example when referring to a Knowledge Base
  • Co znaczy kbps Definicja common means of data transfer rates. Strictly 1kbps = 1024 bits per second (bps) = 128 bytes per second. However, it is often taken to mean
  • Co znaczy KISS Definicja KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. Normally used as a reminder to keep something (instructions or a procedure etc) simple
  • Co znaczy KJV Definicja to as the Authorised Version (AV). Translation of the Bible into English (from the original Greek and Hebrew texts). Still commonly used
  • Co znaczy KML Definicja based language, for modelling and storing geographic features such as points, lines, images and polygons. KML is used by Google Earth as a
  • Co znaczy KPI Definicja of indicators (i.e. measures or metrics) identified as being the most important (hence "key") for measuring the performance of
  • Co znaczy KVA Definicja KVA Kilovolt Ampere = One thousand VA (Volt Amps
  • Co znaczy KVM Definicja used either when referring to a set of extension cables (for keyboard, video and monitor) or a KVM Switch
  • Co znaczy KWIC Definicja display the search results for a word (or phrase) showing the adjacent text so as to provide some context for where the word (or phase) is
  • Co znaczy KWIM Definicja KWIM Chat abbreviation: Know What I Mean

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