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Co oznacza skrót na L

  • Co znaczy LBS Definicja Abbreviation for pounds, an imperial unit of weight. 1lb = 0.453523kg, or 1kg = 2.204226lbs. For most working purposes 1kg=2.2lbs. 14lbs
  • Co znaczy LPF Definicja Relevant links: - League for Programming Freedom homepage. 2. Leisure Property Forum
  • Co znaczy LCD Definicja LCD Liquid Crystal Display. cf CRT
  • Co znaczy lol Definicja Loud or Laughs Out Loud. Commonly used on newsgroup postings, chat rooms etc in response to something amusing. cf LMAO. 2. List of Links. 3
  • Co znaczy LGWR Definicja WriteR process. LGWR writes redo information from the log buffer to the redo log files. LGWR is also responsible for performing checkpoints
  • Co znaczy Black List Definicja Black List A list of disapproved people, companies or items.Normally written as blacklist (i.e. without a space). See blacklist for details
  • Co znaczy Blacklist Definicja companies or items. Companies may refuse to deal with individuals or other companies that have been blacklisted. SPAM filters will often
  • Co znaczy Deep Linking Definicja another website that is not that site's home page. Any link to a page other than a website's home page is technically a deep link. The term
  • Co znaczy LAMP Definicja defined as Linux, Apache, MySQL and Pythor or Perl. The term LAMP is used to describe a web based solution produced using PHP (scripting
  • Co znaczy LAN Definicja speed network, normally confined to a single geographic area, allowing communications at either 10Mbps, 100Mbps or (rarely but up-coming
  • Co znaczy LANA Definicja IBM NetBIOS 3.0 specification) used to specify a specific network adapter. Later extended by Microsoft to indicate a specific network
  • Co znaczy LART Definicja General term used to describe anything used (or considered) in response to an luser. In slang a LART is jokingly referred to as as anything
  • Co znaczy LCP Definicja LCP Link Control Protocol
  • Co znaczy LDAP Definicja Protocol. An implementation of the industry standard X.500 directory protocol developed for PCs and the internet. Unlike X.500, LDAP is
  • Co znaczy LDIF Definicja ASCII file format for the exchange of data between LDAP servers (such as servers running Windows Active Directory).On Windows servers a
  • Co znaczy LE Definicja programming (or scripting) languages use "LE" to mean Less-than-or-Equal-to instead of using the more conventional "<="
  • Co znaczy LED Definicja found on many items of equipment, typically used to indicate activity or that something is switched on. Cheap and low power. Typically red
  • Co znaczy LIFO Definicja other storage structure) in which the next item to be removed is the item most recently added. A common example of a LIFO is a stack - in a
  • Co znaczy LINQ Definicja allows SQL statements to be integrated allowing them to be used as though they are part of the chosen software development language. LINQ
  • Co znaczy LINX Definicja for-profit partnership between ISPs globally, LINX provides a physical interconnection for its members to exchange internet traffic through
  • Co znaczy Lisp Definicja Lisp An old, procedure oriented, programming language. Lisp stands for LISt Processing (language). 
  • Co znaczy Little Endian Definicja little-endian indicates that the low order byte comes first (i.e. in the lowest address). cf big-endian
  • Co znaczy LMAO Definicja LMAO Chat abbreviation: Laughing My Ass off. A common response to an amusing remark. cf LOL
  • Co znaczy LME Definicja lme Large and Medium Enterprises. cf SME
  • Co znaczy LMZ Definicja default security zones that Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses. It includes anything that exists on the local computer (other than cached
  • Co znaczy LOB Definicja Used to refer to a business critical application, i.e. an application that is essential to the trading or survival of a business.Normally
  • Co znaczy LOD Definicja practise of geographic systems displaying varying levels of detail depending on the level of zoom to prevent a (map) display from being too
  • Co znaczy Lorem Ipsum, Definicja the printing and typesetting industry. It is based on Latin and is the printing industry's standard for fake, dummy, placeholder text. It
  • Co znaczy LRU Definicja that removes the least recently used item from a store when space is required. Many caching algorithms use an LRU algorithm, removing from
  • Co znaczy LS Definicja LS 1. Location Services. 2. UNIX command line command to list files
  • Co znaczy LSB Definicja LSB 1. Least Significant Bit. cf MSB. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis. 2. Least Significant Byte, of a multi-byte value
  • Co znaczy LT Definicja scripting) languages use "LT" to mean Less-Than instead of using the more conventional "<" symbol. Fortran and Windows
  • Co znaczy LTD Definicja UK company names often have the suffix "Ltd", meaning "limited liability". 2. Long Term Disability. Someone is said to
  • Co znaczy LTO Definicja developed by IBP, HP and Seagate. LTO was originally developed as an alternative to DLT. Unlike DLT, LTO uses an open standard. LTO has
  • Co znaczy LUA Definicja account that lacks any (or all) administrative rights. cf Administrator Account (AC). It is generally recommended that a Limited User
  • Co znaczy Luser Definicja describe someone who is an annoying, irritating or stupid computer user (or combination thereof). Pronounced "loser". cf LART. 2
  • Co znaczy LVD Definicja LVD supports SCSI data transfer rates of up to 80MB/sec, up to 16 devices and cable lengths of up to 25 meters with one device or 12 meters
  • Co znaczy LZW Definicja Kenneth Nellis. A loss-less compression algorithm developed by Abraham Lempel, Jacoz Ziv (called LZ77) and later improved upon by Terry
  • Co znaczy SIC Definicja quot;), often inserted after quote "(sic)" to indicate that the quote is an exact copy of the original. 2. Standard Industrial

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