Weak Network Share
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Co oznacza skrót na N

  • Co znaczy NMI Definicja NMI Non-Maskable Interrupt. An interrupt that cannot be masked (i.e. temporarily blocked) by the processor
  • Co znaczy NPD Definicja NPD New Product Development
  • Co znaczy NIB Definicja NIB New In Box. Abbreviation sometimes used on auction sites
  • Co znaczy NDE Definicja experience reported by those near death or who claim to have died and been resuscitated. There is considerable disagreement regarding the
  • Co znaczy NDR Definicja NDR Non Delivery Report. See Non Delivery Notification for details
  • Co znaczy NSPI, Definicja NSPI Name Service Provider Interface. Facilitates communication between the Active Directory (AD) and Exchange Directory Service (XDS
  • Co znaczy Down Definicja usually used to mean "Off", "not working" or "not available". For example "the database is down" is
  • Co znaczy Flash Definicja devices allow data to be stored without power being applied (unlike conventional RAM). However, Flash is slower to access than RAM and can
  • Co znaczy Free Download Definicja is free to download (from the internet). This does not imply that the product is free to use and normally the reverse is true. Free
  • Co znaczy HPLG/2 Definicja uses a binary file format instead of a text file format. The file sizes for HPLG/2 are considerably smaller than those for HPLG
  • Co znaczy Hungarian Notation Definicja invented by Charles Simonyia from Microsoft, in which one or more letters are added to the start of variable names to indicate the type of
  • Co znaczy NBIF Definicja NBIF Abbreviation: No Basis In Fact
  • Co znaczy NBNS Definicja NBNS NetBIOS Name Server
  • Co znaczy NBP Definicja NBP Name Binding Protocol
  • Co znaczy n00b Definicja N00b Newbie. Generally used as a derogatory remark, see noob for details
  • Co znaczy NaN Definicja the result of a numeric operation could not be represented or that one of the values used to calculate that value is not a number (or
  • Co znaczy NAPT Definicja NAPT Network Address and Port Translation. See also NAT
  • Co znaczy NAS Definicja NAS Network Attached Storage. Typically a data server on a network that provides file storage accessed via the network. cf DAS and SAN
  • Co znaczy NAT Definicja translates multiple IP addresses on a private LAN to one public address used on the Internet. This allows (for example) and office to
  • Co znaczy NBD Definicja business day refers to the next day when people are at work, so it excludes public holidays and (normally) weekends. For example, in Europe
  • Co znaczy NCP Definicja to software that is not copy protected. This does not mean that the software is freely distributable. NCP software is typically for use by
  • Co znaczy NCQ Definicja drive technology which allows the disk drive to prioritise read and write requests, re-sequencing them if it allows them to be performed
  • Co znaczy NCSA Definicja Supercomputing Applications. Relevant links: www.ncsa.uiuc.edu - National Center for Supercomputing Applications web site. 2. NCSA Mosaic
  • Co znaczy NDA Definicja agreement between two or more parties not to pass any shared information on to a third party (or any party not covered by the NDA). It is
  • Co znaczy NDN Definicja NDN Abbreviation for Non Delivery Notification. See glossary entry for Non Delivery Notification for details
  • Co znaczy NDPS Definicja An architecture developed by Novell and HP intended to simplify the administration of network printing within a NetWare environment
  • Co znaczy NEET Definicja Training. Also defined as "Neither in Employment, Education or Training", "Young people Not in Education, Employment or
  • Co znaczy NetBEUI Definicja Network protocol for Windows NT networks. Originally developed by IBM to provide a mechanism for passing NetBIOS packets over Token Ring
  • Co znaczy NetBIOS Definicja NetBIOS Network Basic Input Output System. Network protocol for LAN Manager and Windows NT networks
  • Co znaczy NFD Definicja Software or hardware that may not be resold, transferred, assigned to a third party or installed at a customer site - exact terms and
  • Co znaczy NFP Definicja context this may either mean that: something (e.g. software) is not permitted (or licensed) to be used for (or to generate) a profit. that
  • Co znaczy NFR Definicja NFR Not For Resale. Product that may not be resold, transferred, assigned to a third party or installed at a customer site
  • Co znaczy NG Definicja NG 1. NewsGroup. See newsgroup for details. 2. Nanogram. One-billionth (1/1,000,000,000) of a gram
  • Co znaczy NGS Definicja NGS 1. NewsGroups. Plural of NG (NewsGroup), see newsgroup for details. 2. National Geodetic Survey.Relevant links: www.ngs.noaa.gov
  • Co znaczy NIC Definicja the physical connection between the computer and network. On many modern PCs the NIC is integrated onto the motherboard instead of being a
  • Co znaczy NICAM Definicja Audio Multiplex.A technique for including digital audio when broadcasting analogue TV. NICAM is intended to provide CD quality stereo for
  • Co znaczy NIDS Definicja System. A system for detecting unauthorised access to a (computer) network. A NIDS will typically use a packet sniffer to monitor network
  • Co znaczy NLB Definicja clustering technology from Microsoft allowing network traffic to be evenly distributed across a number of servers. It also helps to provide
  • Co znaczy NLP Definicja field of linguistics and artificial intelligence (AI) for the generation or understanding of natural human language. 2. Natural Language
  • Co znaczy NLS Definicja refers to the ability of a software package to support the language, formats and local conventions for a specific language. It relates to
  • Co znaczy NN Definicja browser from Netscape. Relevant links: www.netscape.com - web site for Netscape, which also contains the download link for the Netscape
  • Co znaczy NNTP Definicja Protocol used to post and receive UseNet messages. Relevant Links: www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc977/rfc977.html - RFC 977, which defines NNTP
  • Co znaczy NOC Definicja site which is responsible for the day to day monitoring and management of a large scale network (i.e. a WAN or part of the Internet
  • Co znaczy Noob Definicja Noob indicates a novice, or someone new or inexperienced. Also rendered Newb. 2. Someone behaving or giving the impression to others that
  • Co znaczy NOS Definicja operating system that provides control over the network, enabling users to copy and share files and share some peripherals such as printers
  • Co znaczy NR Definicja NR No Reserve. Abbreviation used on on-line auction sites to indicate that there is no reserve price set
  • Co znaczy NSAPI Definicja interfacing to Netscape servers. Relevant Links: http://developer.netscape.com/support/faqs/champions/nsapi.html - NSAPI FAQ. http
  • Co znaczy NT Definicja refers to Microsoft's Windows NT 3.5 and NT 4 Windows operating systems. 2. New Testament. The books of the Bible containing the the
  • Co znaczy NTF Definicja obsolete data format used by Ordnance Survey for the delivery of their Meridian road network data product. 2. No Trouble Found.An
  • Co znaczy NTFS Definicja developed by Microsoft for Windows NT and supported by later Windows operating systems. Supports long file names, journaling, security
  • Co znaczy NTLDR Definicja loader for Windows NT, and for later versions of Windows. This is the first application run when Windows is booted and is responsible for
  • Co znaczy NTLM Definicja proprietary network user authentication protocol. Relevant links: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;239869
  • Co znaczy NTP Definicja for ensuring accurate synchronization of time (i.e. the clock) between computers across a network (such as the internet). Relevant Links
  • Co znaczy NTSC Definicja Committee. NTSC is the name of the analogue TV standard used in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan. An NTSC picture is made of 525 scan
  • Co znaczy NTVDM Definicja NTVDM NT Virtual Dos Machine. Provides an emulated DOS environment allowing DOS based programs to run in Windows
  • Co znaczy NUTS Definicja Territorial Statistics. A hierarchical classification of administrative boundaries developed by Eurostat. The idea behind NUTS is to
  • Co znaczy NVP Definicja NVP Net Present Value. The present value less any investment costs to date (such as initial investment costs
  • Co znaczy NVQ Definicja or National Vocations Qualifications. A qualification which is work related that reflects the skills, knowledge, understanding and
  • Co znaczy Signature Definicja written in their (usual) own handwriting. 2. A line or block of text (which may, depending on the e-mail client, include formatting), that
  • Co znaczy Weak Network Share Definicja Weak Network Share A network share (on a Windows network) with either no password or a weak password (i.e. one which is easy to break

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