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  • Co znaczy OOA Definicja OOA Object Oriented Analysis
  • Co znaczy OTN Definicja OTN Oracle Technology Network. Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy OGCE Definicja OGCE Open GIS Consortium (Europe). Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy OOS Definicja More commonly known as RSI. 2. Out-Of-Service. Meaning that the equipment is not working or has been removed from service
  • Co znaczy OSD Definicja OSD Open Source Definition. Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy ODF Definicja standard for electronic documents using an architecture with an open format allowing different vendors to provide tools for working on
  • Co znaczy ORDBMS Definicja ORDBMS Object Relational DBMS
  • Co znaczy OSS Definicja OSS Open Source Software
  • Co znaczy BLOG Definicja available for others to read on the internet. The term is derived from "web log" (web log). See also blogging and blogger
  • Co znaczy DMOZ Definicja Directory Project (ODP). DMOZ is an acronym for "Directory Mozilla", which reflects the directory's loose association with
  • Co znaczy Free Software Foundation Definicja Free Software Foundation Organisation aiming to promote the development of free software. See also GNU. Relevant links:
  • Co znaczy Java Definicja language developed by Sun Microsystems, designed for platform independence and frequently described as "write once run anywhere"
  • Co znaczy Mozilla Definicja Netscape Navigator. The name is derived from "Mosaic" (the dominant browser at the time) + "Godzilla". The term "
  • Co znaczy OBDR Definicja Disaster recovery feature provided by some tape drives. This allows the tape drive to be switched into disaster recovery mode - where its
  • Co znaczy OBS Definicja Structure. Structure chart normally shown as a tree diagram showing the management structure of an organisation. 2. Abbreviation for "
  • Co znaczy OCI Definicja OCI Oracle Call Interface. A set of low-level APIs provided by Oracle for an application to use to interface to an Oracle database
  • Co znaczy OCR Definicja process of extracting words (and possibly layout and formatting information) from an image containing text. cf OMR. Most scanners will come
  • Co znaczy ODBC Definicja standard developed by Microsoft aiming to provide a consistent interface to relational databases regardless of which database engine is
  • Co znaczy OE Definicja newsreader from Microsoft that is normally bundled with Internet Explorer. 2. Operator Error. Also known as "human error"
  • Co znaczy OEM Definicja The manufacturer or producer of computing equipment (hardware or software). 2. OEM software refers to software bundled with (or licensed
  • Co znaczy OEP Definicja entry point of a routine (in a machine code or assembler level dump) that was the entry point to a routine before some wrapper was applied
  • Co znaczy OGC Definicja a non-profit organisation working in the broad fields of GIS, dedicated to the creation of standards in the field of Interoperable
  • Co znaczy OL Definicja to Microsoft Outlook. 2. Ordered list HTML tag. The tag
      in HTML denotes the start of an ordered list, which is typically presented as
    1. Co znaczy OLAP Definicja Specialized tools that sit between a database and user in order to provide various analyses of the data stored in the database. The term
    2. Co znaczy OLCP Definicja OLCP On-Line Complex Processing
    3. Co znaczy OLE Definicja OLE Object Linking and Embedding. OLE was later enhanced and renamed by Microsoft to COM and OLE controls renamed to ActiveX controls
    4. Co znaczy OLED Definicja Organic-LED). Low-power LEDs, based on carbon-based molecules instead of semiconductor technology. OLED displays can be brighter, lighter
    5. Co znaczy OLS Definicja OLS Open Location Services (Open-LS). See also OpenLS
    6. Co znaczy OLTP Definicja Any number of (typically many) concurrent users adding and modifying data. Typically includes order processing, banking, stocks, and e
    7. Co znaczy OMA Definicja OMA Open Mobile Alliance.Relevant links: - Open Mobile Alliance home page
    8. Co znaczy OMA DRM Definicja OMA DRM Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Digital Rights Management (DRM
    9. Co znaczy OMG Definicja OMG 1. Object Management Group. 2. Slang for "Oh My God"
    10. Co znaczy OMR Definicja device that recognises marks made on the page. OMR is frequently used when processing questionnaires and answer sheets, i.e. any type of
    11. Co znaczy OO Definicja OO 1. Object Oriented. cf OOD, OOA, OOP. 2. Object Orientation
    12. Co znaczy OOD Definicja OOD Object Oriented Design
    13. Co znaczy OOO Definicja taken to refer to the "Out Of Office" notification generated by email systems (such as Microsoft Exchange) when an individual has
    14. Co znaczy OOP Definicja Out-Of-Process. 3. Out Of Print. Used to refer to books which are no longer published, and which therefore can no longer be obtained new
    15. Co znaczy OOSD Definicja OOSD Object Oriented Structured Design
    16. Co znaczy OP Definicja system operator. 2. Out of Print. 3. Observation Point. 4. Opera (web browser). 5. Original Post or Original Poster. Abbreviation used in
    17. Co znaczy OPB Definicja OPB Oracle PowerBrowser. An now obsolete internet browser launched in 1996. Relevant links:
    18. Co znaczy OPEN Definicja Environment and Notation. 2. Openly (or freely) available. cf Open Source. 3. To access (a file). For example to open a file means to
    19. Co znaczy OpenLS Definicja Implementation Specification. OpenLS provides open interfaces to core LS services including: Route planning. Location utility Presentation
    20. Co znaczy OPCS Definicja Surveys. Relevant links:
    21. Co znaczy OPM Definicja Management. 2. Object Process Methodology. A symbolic representation of the objects and processes within a system, integrating both object
    22. Co znaczy OPS Definicja OPS 1. Oracle Parallel Server. 2. Operations, as in "Operations Department" or "Operations Center"
    23. Co znaczy OS Definicja Unix, Linux, Windows. 2. Open Source. 3. Ordnance Survey. The national mapping agency of Great Britain.  Relevant links: www.ordnancesurvey
    24. Co znaczy OSI Definicja See OSI 7 Layer Reference Model 2. Open Source Initiative. A non-profit organisation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source
    25. Co znaczy OSI Model Definicja OSI Model Normally taken to mean the OSI 7 Layer Reference Model
    26. Co znaczy OSL Definicja links: - Open Subscription License Agreement and information page
    27. Co znaczy OT Definicja or "Off Topic". Shorthand used in newsgroups to indicate that a posting is drifting off the topic for the newsgroup. 2. Old
    28. Co znaczy OTC Definicja Technical Communities. A set of private newsgroups from Microsoft which provide online technical support and which are managed by Microsoft
    29. Co znaczy OTE Definicja OTE On Target Earnings. Abbreviation frequently used in job advertisements for jobs that pay a commission
    30. Co znaczy OTOH Definicja OTOH Chat abbreviation for: On The Other Hand
    31. Co znaczy OTP Definicja which can be used once only. A one time password is a security measure. 2. One Time Programmable. Refers to a non-volatile memory device
    32. Co znaczy OTR Definicja quot; 2. Abbreviation for "Outer" 3. On The Road. Generally refers to the total price of a vehicle including all costs required
    33. Co znaczy OTT Definicja OTT 1. Chat abbreviation: Over The Top. 2. Online Teaching Tools
    34. Co znaczy OU Definicja OU Organisational Unit (under Windows 2000 AD and later
    35. Co znaczy OWA Definicja Provides access to emails stored in a Microsoft Exchange server (across an intranet or internet) via a web browser. OWA requires the
    36. Co znaczy Petabyte Definicja abbreviated to PB. 1 petabyte = 2 to to the fiftieth power (250) bytes = 1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes = 1024 terabytes.See also exabyte
    37. Co znaczy PL/SQL Definicja PL/SQL Oracle's (RDBMS) Procedural Language extension to SQL
    38. Co znaczy Seven layer reference model Definicja Seven layer reference model Normally refers to the OSI Seven Layer reference model, See OSI Seven Layer reference model
    39. Co znaczy Struts Definicja building Java web applications. It helps users to develop application structures. Relevant links: - Homepage of

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