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  • Co znaczy QBDL Definicja QBDL Query Based Distribution List. More commonly known as a Query Based Distribution Group (QBDG
  • Co znaczy Spatial Query Definicja Spatial Query Selecting or querying objects based on their geometry or location. cf Spatial Data
  • Co znaczy QBDG Definicja type of distribution group introduced in Exchange 2003. It provides similar functionality to that of a standard distribution group, what is
  • Co znaczy QC Definicja product or service to ensure that it is of a sufficient standard or compliance with required standards. See also QA. 2. Quality Content. In
  • Co znaczy QL Definicja the context of SEO, a quality link is a link from a page with a high pagerank which also has relevant content
  • Co znaczy QOS Definicja Quality of Service (QoS). Networking term for guaranteed throughput based upon measurable transmission rates, error rates and other factors
  • Co znaczy Quad Definicja meaning 4 or 4 times times. For example a server with Quad processors has four processors (or 4 times the processing power of a single

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