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Co oznacza skrót na U

  • Co znaczy Multilink Dialling Definicja allowing multiple phone lines to be combined into a single logical session, providing an effective increase in network bandwidth
  • Co znaczy UBE Definicja UBE Unsolicited Broadcast E-mail. Unsolicited e-mail - otherwise more commonly known as spam
  • Co znaczy USG Definicja USG Universal Security Group
  • Co znaczy UBR Definicja UBR 1. Unspecified Bit Rate. No guarantee of available bandwidth. 2. Universal Bandwidth Router. 3. UDDI Business Registry
  • Co znaczy UTM Definicja map projection system for global mapping. UTM divides the world into 60 zones each of 6 degrees longitude wide, extending from 80 degrees
  • Co znaczy Nit Definicja Nit A unit of measurement of brightness - a unit of luminance. One nit is equal to one candela per square meter
  • Co znaczy UAProf Definicja UAProf Universal Agent Profile. Provides capability information about a WAP device. 
  • Co znaczy UID Definicja generic term used to refer to any form of unique identifier - which can be used to uniquely identify something within the system or context
  • Co znaczy UMF Definicja UMF UniDrv Font Metrics
  • Co znaczy Blogging Definicja Blogging The activity of updating a blog
  • Co znaczy e-GMSTES Definicja e-GMSTES UK e-Government Type Encoding Scheme. Relevant links: www.govtalk.gov.uk/documents/Encoding_scheme_type_v1_2002_12.pdf
  • Co znaczy Exabyte Definicja abbreviated to EB. 1 exabyte (EB) = 2 to the sixtieth power (260) bytes = 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes = 1024 petabytes = one billion
  • Co znaczy MAC Address Definicja address. Hardware serial number that uniquely identifies a device on a local area network (commonly a NIC). (Sometimes also referred to as
  • Co znaczy SPAM Definicja newsgroup posting) sent out in bulk, usually for commercial gain. SPAM can cause considerable problems because it is generated in large
  • Co znaczy UDL Definicja Universal Device List. 3. Uni-Directional Link. UDL describes network communications which take place in one direction only, for example
  • Co znaczy WBS Number Definicja WBS Number Number applied to an individual WBS unit or task to provide it with a unique identifying number
  • Co znaczy UAT Definicja suite of documented tests, derived from a requirements or functional specification and agreed with a client, that when successfully
  • Co znaczy UCE Definicja UCE Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, i.e. Spam distributed with the aim of commercial gain
  • Co znaczy UCF Definicja UCF is a data format used for communications and presentations across the internet (or other networks). It is a bi-directional
  • Co znaczy UCS Definicja UCS Universal Character Set. Character set defined by ISO 10646, which is a superset of all other character set standards
  • Co znaczy UDDI Definicja and Integration. A method for finding new Web Services by referring to a central directory. The specification for an index of all available
  • Co znaczy UDF Definicja format for optical media (such as cds and dvds) which is designed to be supportable by any operating system and not be tied to a single
  • Co znaczy UDG Definicja UDG Universal Distribution Group
  • Co znaczy UDP Definicja UDP sits above IP, but unlike TCP it is a connectionless communications protocol (meaning there is no handshaking between the sender and
  • Co znaczy UDT Definicja engineering a UDT is a user defined type. It may also be known as s user defined structure or user defined record
  • Co znaczy UEL Definicja Universal Exit Language command allows a printer to alternate between interpreting PJL commands and printer language commands. cf PJL
  • Co znaczy UI Definicja used to refer to any type of user interface.cf GUI, CLI. 2. Unsigned integer. This is a generic abbreviation for an unsigned integer, it is
  • Co znaczy ULF Definicja in the same way as a multi-protocol Web server. It works with browsers, monitors communication between applications and uses WAP mobile
  • Co znaczy UMA Definicja Architecture which allows an integrated graphics controller to use main memory (via UMA) instead of having its own dedicated graphics
  • Co znaczy UML Definicja UML Unified Modelling Language. Relevant links: www.uml.org Contributed by Kenneth Nellis
  • Co znaczy UNC Definicja Uniform Naming Convention). UNC is used for specifying the location of a resource on a network. It uses the following format
  • Co znaczy Uno Definicja component model used in OpenOffice that provides interoperability between different programming languages, object models on a single
  • Co znaczy UOM Definicja UOM Unit Of Measure. For example, miles, kilometres, feet, inches, metres
  • Co znaczy UP Definicja quot;Up" is usually used to mean "On and working". For example "is the server up?" is a question asking whether
  • Co znaczy UPS Definicja battery backup device that supplies AC power automatically in the event of a power failure. There are two basic types of UPS, "stand
  • Co znaczy URI Definicja URI Uniform Resource Identifier. See URL
  • Co znaczy URL Definicja standard way to address any resource on the internet. URLs are expressed as a text string of the form:     protocol://domain-name/pathname
  • Co znaczy USB Definicja a single common interface to peripherals and plug-and-play configuration (at the host/pc). The original standard for USB (occasionally
  • Co znaczy UTP Definicja network cable consisting of a twisted pair of cables. A UTP cable can contain multiple pairs of twisted cables. Commonly used for

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