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Co oznacza skrót na V

  • Co znaczy VB Definicja VB (Microsoft) Visual Basic. cf VB6 and VB.Net
  • Co znaczy VLSM Definicja VLSM Variable Length Subnet Masking
  • Co znaczy Brownout Definicja Brownout A (noticeable) voltage drop. See also Blackout, UPS
  • Co znaczy VLK Definicja license key which can be used on a number of computers to install a given product. A volume license key is typically issued to an
  • Co znaczy VS.Net Definicja VS.Net (Microsoft) Visual Studio .NET
  • Co znaczy VRMS Definicja Debian GNU Linux program that will analyse the set of currently installed packages. 2. Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs
  • Co znaczy Clamping Level Definicja Clamping level The voltage level above which a surge suppression device diverts energy away. cf Clamping Time
  • Co znaczy VPF Definicja format, structure and organisation for large geographic databases, intended to maximise compatibility with other applications. Relevant
  • Co znaczy VPK Definicja product key is a single product key issued to a company in respect of a specific product for a specific number of licenses. VPKs are used
  • Co znaczy VB.Net Definicja Touted by Microsoft as the next version of VB after VB6, but regarded by some as a new language in its own right because of the magnitude
  • Co znaczy VB5 Definicja VB5 (Microsoft) Visual Basic - Version 5. cf VB
  • Co znaczy VB6 Definicja 6. The last version of VB before Microsoft switched to .NET. cf VB. Relevant links: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-gb/vbrun/default.aspx
  • Co znaczy VB7 Definicja VB7 Occasional name given to VB.Net
  • Co znaczy VBA Definicja Applications. VBA is the common (macro) programming language available for Office tools. It is a dialect of VB
  • Co znaczy VC Definicja VC 1. (Microsoft) Visual C++. 2. Virtual Channel
  • Co znaczy VCL Definicja VCL Visual Component Library. Component library supplied with Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder
  • Co znaczy VCMUX Definicja VCMUX Virtual Channel MUltipleXing
  • Co znaczy vcs Definicja vcs Version Control System. See also cvs, RCS, SCCS
  • Co znaczy VDAP Definicja VDAP Voice and Data Access Point
  • Co znaczy VDS Definicja VDS 1. Virtual Disk Services. 2. Virtual DMA Services
  • Co znaczy VDSL Definicja VDSL Very high speed DSL (Digital Subscriber Line
  • Co znaczy VGA Definicja graphics standard which supports a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. cf video mode. Relevant links: http://pinouts.ru/Video/VGA15
  • Co znaczy VIZ Definicja VIZ Visual Inspection Zone; an area, on a MRTD, which is not machine readable and is intended for visual (i.e. human) inspection only
  • Co znaczy VLAN Definicja System for allowing a set of computers to behave and interact as though they were on the same LAN, even though they may be on physically
  • Co znaczy VLDB Definicja VLDB Very Large DataBase. Often regarded as any database over 100GB in size
  • Co znaczy VLE Definicja computer based education system in which learners and tutors interact to facilitate learning. A VLE is normally web based, being accessed
  • Co znaczy VM Definicja http://aumha.org/win5/a/xpvm.php - Description of the way Virtual Memory operates in Windows XP. 2. Virtual Machine. 3. Voice Mail
  • Co znaczy VMT Definicja VMT Virtual Method Table
  • Co znaczy VMS Definicja from HP. VMS stands for Virtual Memory System. It runs on both VAXs and Alphas - The VAX variant is known as "VAX/VMS" or "
  • Co znaczy VNC Definicja software package allowing the desktop on a remote computer to be be controlled. Software needs to be installed on the computer to be
  • Co znaczy VO Definicja visual presentation (such as a story or commercial). That narrator is not normally part of the visual presentation
  • Co znaczy VoIP Definicja i.e. human conversations) using IP packets across a network (such as the internet) instead of across a (traditional) telephone network. A
  • Co znaczy VP Definicja VP Virtual Path
  • Co znaczy VPE Definicja Virtual Palm Encyclopedia. 3. Virtual Print Engine. 4. Video Port Extensions. 5. Visual Programming Environment
  • Co znaczy VPN Definicja private network provides a secure connection between two or more computers across a public network (such as the Internet or a company LAN
  • Co znaczy VPS Definicja server that is administered by a customer as though it were a single dedicated server, but which is one of many virtual servers running on
  • Co znaczy VRML Definicja Relevant links: www.web3d.org - Web3d Consortium home page. http://wp.netscape.com/eng/live3d/howto/vrml_primer_index.html - Beginner's
  • Co znaczy VS Definicja VS 1. (Microsoft) Visual Studio. 2. Versus - as in one player vs another player. 3. Very Special. 4. Verse
  • Co znaczy VSAN Definicja Virtual SAN). A storage area technology originally developed by Cisco, which allows a SAN to be logically sectioned allowing each section
  • Co znaczy VSMT Definicja A free toolset for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, downloadable from Microsoft. The VSMT helps migrate operating systems and applications
  • Co znaczy VSS Definicja A version control system from Microsoft.Relevant links: http://msdn.microsoft.com/ssafe - Visual SourceSafe, part of Visual Studio. 2
  • Co znaczy VSTO Definicja VSTO provides tools for developers using Microsoft's Visual Studio, for enhancing Microsoft Office or to develop applications using
  • Co znaczy VTL Definicja system which uses an array of disk drives to emulate a tape library, allowing them to be used for backup and storage as though it were a

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